Ice Hockey World Championship 2012 at HARTWALL-AREENA

8 05 2012

Finland, world ice hockey champion from the last year, hosts together with Sweden 2012 games. Picture in the stamp presents one of the greatest goals in ice hockey history. With the puck suction-cupped on, Mikael Granlund brought his stick up and used the crossbar to scrape the puck off. It dropped behind a stunned Russian goalie.  See also You Tube video.

Update: unfortunately no medal this year. Russia won this time, congratulations!

Games in Finland are played at HARTWALL-AREENA in Helsinki. One gets easily hungry watching games but there are plenty of opportunities to dine or have a quick snack. HARTWALL-AREENA has following restaurants from which one could choose for example:

Platinum, fine dining restaurant with a la carte or buffet dining rooms. Trendy and cozy restaurant offers a modern and international menu. Golden Star Cafe, cozy and multifunctional restaurant with a bar. Silver Star Cafe, newly renovated place offering also lunch everyday. Cave restaurant, which is built into the rock; mainly for private occasions. There are also couple of fast food restaurants/cafes/bars.


All restaurants at Hartwall-Areena are operated by Restel Event Restaurants


THE goal:


BTW, Lady Gaga will perform at HARTWALL-AREENA on 27th and 28th August. Tickets for first concert were sold out right away; for 28th concert, tickets are available from 15th May.

Restaurant review: Teatterin Grilli

1 05 2012

Restaurant Teatteri is one of the most popular places to spend evening in Helsinki night life or to relax at the terrace on warm summer day. Complex consists of dining room Teatterin Grilli, night club, two bars (Kellobaari and Teatteribaari), popular terrace and self-service wine & deli cafe. Decor is modern including pictures/paintings; one can catch a glimpse of those in picture below.

Decided to dine this time on Labour Day or 1st of May Eve instead of having lunch on May Day which is typical lunch and picnic date for celebrating spring and studies.

Teatterin Grilli a la carte list is tempting; many savory dishes which makes difficult to decide what to order. Think I have eaten here best hamburger ever, TG burger, which includes chilli flavoured shrimp mayonnaise and country style potatoes. Would also say it was worth of price 19,10€.

This time ordered for starters Starter selection Creamy langoustine soup, salmon roasted with black pepper and slightly smoked deer which is well qualified combination of single starters and Salmon roasted with black pepper, marinated fennel and avocado crème.
Soup was best part of the selection of 3 starters, otherwise quite ordinary tastes. Nicely arranged on the plate, however.

For main courses ordered  Fried whitefish, puikula potatoes mashed with lemon butter and vendace roe sauce and Grilled halibut, fried salsify and parsley sauce.
Both fishes were well prepared and cooking time was rightly calculated. One needs to take Side orders for these portions like Country style potatoes, otherwise one might stay hungry. Mashed potatoes were replaced by vegetables; kitchen is ready to make changes if needed.

For dessert had Cheese Plate; manchego, gouda and Peltola blue. Portion could have included fig or fig jam because it was quite dry but Peltola blue is always savory and glass of port wine made it easier to enjoy dining.

Teatterin Grilli is always popular, need to make table reservation in advance. Got email reply in few minutes which might be the record in confirming reservation. Little bit focus on taste of food and restaurant would earn full 4, because all other elements are in good shape.


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