RESTAURANT REVIEWS – RANKINGS focuses on evaluating restaurants when it comes to food served, service, etc. Hopefully you can utilize these reviews some day when you are planning to dine in a restaurant you have not visited before. Reviews are subjective but always at least from two person.

Most reviews cover restaurants in Helsinki, but some of the restaurants visited during vacations might end up here. Suggestions are also welcomed!

Ravintola-arvosteluja Helsingissä

Review scales are: 1 = avoid this restaurant; 5 = excellent

Maximum overall score is 15 points (5+5+5) for food + service + overall grade

 Ranking 2014 in Helsinki, Finland (November 5th)

1. Demo 14+

2. Havis, Pastor, Rikhards Gastropub and PureBistro 13+

6. Copas y Tapas, Strindberg and  Ragu 13

9. Emo, Yume and NJK 13-

12. Savoy and Töölönranta 12+

14. Pastis, Presto and Faro 12

17. El Greco, Blue Peter and Alberga 12-

20. Minos 11,5

21. Bronda 11+

22. Grotesk 11

23. Lumbini and Salutorget 10,5

25. Goce (closed)  and Toscanini 10-

26. Kaarna 9


TOP “5” Ranking 2013 in Helsinki, Finland (final)

1. Spis 13,50

2. Gastrobar Emo and Grotesk Winebar (closed) 13+ (shared place)

3. Glogatan 4 (closed), Meche (closed) and Muru 13,00 (shared place)

5. Farang  13-


TOP “5” Ranking 2012 in Helsinki, Finland (final)

1. Farang 14,00

2. Demo 13,50

3. Copas y Tapas 13,50

4. SPIS 13+

5. Havis 13,00



Lamb at Demo -

Lamb at Demo –

Tapas at Copas y Tapas

Tapas at Copas y Tapas –


Starters at Farang –

PureBistro -

Fish at Pure Bistro –

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27 09 2016
Travelista Journal

Hi! Thank you for the follow. Thank you for sharing all of these informations. I have plan to visit Finland someday.

27 09 2016

Finland is worth to visit!

17 11 2013

It’s nice to find similar restaurant blog! I like to read your reviews too! 🙂

17 11 2013

Yes! Soon 2 years blogging here.

29 10 2013
Conrad (The Wine Wankers)

Hi there. Just to let you know, your URL is set incorrectly in your settings giving this error when click on under my Followers – “ is no longer available”. Make sure to update it, I had difficultly coming back to read more of you and follow you. Came in via your Facebook link in your Gravatar. Cheers!

29 10 2013

Thanks! Seems I had old one before registering domain. Hopefully it works now properly.

29 10 2013
Conrad (The Wine Wankers)

Just checked. All good now!

29 10 2013

Excellent! And thanks again for letting me know.

4 05 2013

Thanks for you too!

3 05 2013

Hey, thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. Celeste:)

23 03 2013

Very nice and professional blog! It has been nice to read your reviews.Thank You for following also our blog.

24 03 2013

Thanks! Likewise!

20 02 2013

if you ever visit Oulu and wish to eat Indian you can try Indian Cuisine opposite to railway station. You will enjoy.

24 02 2013

I shall try, thanks for suggestion

17 02 2013
Mitzie Mee

Great to see a Finland-based food blog! I’ve visited Helsinki several times and I was surprised to see how innovative some of the restaurants were and how tasty the food was. Looking forward to follow your blog:)

17 02 2013

Thanks for comments! Most local blogs are in Finnish, hope this helps visitors someday.

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