Restaurant review: Atelje Finne

14 09 2021

Restaurant Ateljé Finne is located near Temple Square Church. It is a classic bistro-style restaurant which uses only Finnish ingredients and products. The name of the restaurant comes from the space restaurant is situated, which formerly was the studio of a famous Finnish sculptor Gunnar Finne (1886 – 1952). Since the 1960s, this place has been operating as a restaurant.

Visited restaurant one month after re-opening after renovation in the building. Had actually reservation already 3 days after planned opening but due to postponed quality inspection of renovation, restaurant was forced to change opening date.

Atelje Finne has been awarded with Michelin Plate, which is a proof that restaurant “simply offers good food”.

Dining room is at 2 levels, upstairs in the back of the room for small groups. Got a window table with a view to Arkadian Street.

Decided to order 3 course menu’s and one set of pairing wines. Dishes must be chosen from the a la carte menu from 4 starters, 5 main courses and 4 desserts,

Chose Tartar A la Finne as starter, fresh and tasty with dressing. Wine with tartar was Spätburgunder Trocken from Pinot Noir grape from German Winegut Sander. Paired nicely with red meat although more in to full-bodied red wines.

Main course was Poached fish with horseradish and lovage pasta. Fish was soft, cooked perfectly. Lovage was embedded in pasta, which made it look luxurious. Favorite white wine Bacharacher Riesling Kabinett Trocken from Riesling grapes from Weingut Ratzenberger was excellent choice for lightly seasoned dish.

One can also choose “middle cheese” before dessert. For the wine with cheeses waitress asked if would like to enjoy port wine or red wine. Chose red in order to avoid too much sugar. Wine was Jean Louis Chave Sélection Côtes du Rhône Mon Coeur 2019 from Syrah and Grenache Noir grapes. Wine itself was Full-bodied, tannic and spicy. Perfect with salty cheeses!

And for the dessert chose Baked apple with cinnamon ice cream. Sweet but balanced ending for the dinner. Pairing wine was Austrian Transylvanian Ice Wine from grapes growing in Romanian side. Almost too sweet with ice cream but otherwise good choice.

Wine package include 3 wines and if you choose cheeses before dessert, you can also order matching wine with them.

Restaurant Atelje Finne serves well prepared, almost artistic, Finnish food. Art works on the walls make the dining even more solemn. After long break due to Covid19 and renovation of the building, it is good to have Atelje Finne back in business. Several fine dining restaurants closed their doors during pandemic, but also some new were opened.

Service is at the level it should be in atelje type of dining room. The contents of each dish were explained clearly and politely. Food was as Michelin guide states “good”. And extra points for the delicous bread which was served before starters. Not just one slice but basket.




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