Restaurant review: Bon Vivant – at Cruise Ship

13 01 2012

Bon Vivant is a fine dining restaurant at Tallink Silja cruise ships Symphony and Serenade on route between Helsinki and Stockholm.

Restaurant is quiet compared to buffet restautants which gives opportunity speak and hear. You could also dine “outside” at the terrace which you can see in front of the restaurant (picture below)

Menu changes occasionally and wine list is wide due to special wine bar and shop. Dinner included appetizers, main course and cheese plates.

You also get greetings from the kitchen to start with.

At Christmas cruise we had reindeer with potato crocket  and fish in stock and vegetables. Reindeer was tender and rose as you can see in the picture. Fish portion was little bit difficult to eat because vegatables were too raw and soup around them splashed easily (no spoon available).

If you take cheese as dessert you can choose them from trolley; 5 different choices. Blue cheese and white-veined cheese always as favourites.

Waitress also wrote down all choices for us as we tasted all of them.

Ship itself especially cabins need renovation. Those cruising between Helsinki and Tallinn are newer and therefore in good condition.

REVIEW: Food 3,5/5 – Service 4/5 – Overall grade 4/5




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