Restaurant review: Thai and China

10 04 2012

Restaurant Thai & China has simple name which reflects origins and food they serve. Thai & China is family owned  asian restaurant with modest decor. They have 65 dishes in Thai and Chinese a la carte lists; sometimes wonder how many oriental restaurants are able keep so wide collection of ingredients in their fridges. However, as fans of asian and oriental kitchens, appreciate the quality of food they usually are able to serve.One can also order food by phone and enjoy eating at home after picking up portions.

For starters chose  from Thai menu Spring rolls fried rolls with vegetables and bean nudels accompanied with sweet and spicy chili sauce and Gai satay pieces of chicken in bambu stick marinated in exotic herb sauce with sweet and tangy cucumber salad. Both dishes were delicious; maybe spring rolls best ever tasted. And this was not the first time to dine in this restaurant. Also cucumber salad brought into mind those small really spicy but so tasty salads in Thailand.

For main courses ordered Gaeng Ku-ah Supparohd boiled chicken in red curry paste with coconut milk, tomatoes, lime leaves, pineapple and peanuts. Excellent and so familiar portion which did not fail this time either. Pahd Med Mamuang Soft pieces of chicken breast marinated in light soy sauce and fried with cashew, carrot, onion and broccoli. Tasted this dish first time; was really nice experience.

When it comes to service, waitress (one of the owners) must have been tired. She is the only waitress in the restaurant which is open every day including Easter.

Price level is unexpensive. Starters only about 5€ and portions were bigger than one usually gets.


Restaurant does not have own web site



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