Restaurant review: Royal Line lunch cruise

23 06 2012

With over 65 years of experience Royal Line has shown Helsinki from the sea. One can get familiar with the best views including the inner bay of the Suomenlinna sea fortress. One see many islands, the beautiful shores of old city districts, famous historical buildings, churches, icebreakers, harbours, villas, saunas and the zoo.  A traditional archipelago buffet is also available as well as short a la carte list which is understandable due to size of the kitchen.

1 1/2 hour lunch cruise is nice way to combine relaxed sightseeing and lunch if one wants to see Helsinki from the sea and has only one day to spend time in the city.

Decided to enjoy King’s menu which started with Buffet. It consisted of various herrings, salads, vegetables, pate, terrine etc. Herrings were delicious; focus on those.

Two different main courses to choose from. Pepper steak with a creamy pepper sauce and Swiss potato cake was good, especially pepper sauce was enough spicy which one does not get so often. Roasted Archtic char with carrot and butter, dill potatoes was well prepared. Fish was not roasted too much which is always good achievement.

King’s menu included for dessert Chocolate Dream. If you translate actual Finnish name of the dessert it would be Chocolate dream of Queen Lovisa Ulrika. Excellent and sweet combination of different types of chocolate. Changed one dessert to Rhubarb pie with vanilla sauce.Vanilla could have tasted stronger. Appearance of both desserts was tempting, excellent effort in so modest environment.




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