Restaurant review: Harald – Viking restaurant

17 11 2012

Restaurant Harald’s Viking milieu takes you and your friends on a voyage back to the age of the Vikings, where food and drink highlight the festivities. Restaurant chain operates in seven cities and Helsinki was opened in spring 2012. It is situated next to Hard Rock Cafe and Pizza Hut on the 2nd floor at City-käytävä.

Restaurant was full on Saturday partly because of “Little” Christmas parties, for Finns time to relax and be sometimes racy. Medieval decor and waitresses with suitable clothing take you back in time. Stuffed moose heads and menu rack create feeling of original athmosphere. Big elk head on the wall above the table made dining safe.

First kitchen served crispbread with melted butter. Harald style mulled wine (glögi) included cowberry juice, star anise and cinnamon to mint feeling of Christmas.

Decied to order exciting starters:

MEAT STONE OF TAPIO, GOD OF THE FOREST  Bear salami, smoked reindeer liver, dry-cured wild boar, pork filet cured in apple smoke and game mousse served with garden greens, marinated tomatoes, root vegetable chips, tarred lingonberries and flat bread toasted by the campfire

FISH STONE OF AEGIR, GOD OF THE SEA Cold smoked salmon glazed with a blackcurrant sauce, smoked roach, tarred Baltic herring, wild mushroom mousse and crayfish marinated in fresh herbs served with garden greens, marinated tomatoes, root vegetable chips, blueberry-onion marmalade and sweet rye bread.

Detailed explenation what was included in the portions. Basically both portions were delicious. On meat stone bear salami, reindeer liver and tarred lingonberries were the best part of dish. Prepared meats like wild boar and pork filet were too close to what you can buy at the groceries. On fish stone smoked roach was really scrumptious as well as sweet rye bread with mousse.

Main courses were also interesting, especially had to try one of the swords available:

BEEF AND PORK ON GUDBRAND’S SWORD Steak and pork filet (300 g) glazed with Viking spice sauce served on a sword with black salt butter, Viking shield potatoes, rhubarb jam, Viking Power Beer sauce and Emperor’s Romaine salad with marinated tomatoes and goats’ milk cheddar from Kolattu farm

VIDAR GOATHERDER’S CHICKEN Roasted chicken breast and Kolattu farm’s goats’ cheese glazed with herb sauce served with Viking shield potatoes, honey-roasted root vegetables, tomato-raspberry salsa and Wine of Wisdom sauce

Sword was impressive and portion was huge, 300g’s is quite a lot of meat. Pork was well prepared but beef was a little bit chewy although it was medium as requested. Potatoes were delicious as well as sauces. Did not eat butter pat, which was on top of meats. Chicken was OK, but no specialities in that portion.

A little bit discomfiture with serving main courses. We got them when still enjoying starters. Accidentally kitchen had prepared dishes for us prior to for table next to us although they should have got them earlier.

Viking restaurant Harald Helsinki is suitable for diners looking for relaxed athmosphere (rento meininki) at least during Christmas parties. It is allowed to laugh hysterically and speak in a loud voice. Just dive in!




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18 11 2012
Debra Kolkka

I’ll be back in Helsinki in January…..I’ll try this for sure.

18 11 2012

If buffet on the boat is still available maybe you could try that one for starters

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