Wine review: Steininger Riesling

29 11 2012

Not the first time tasting Steininger Riesling. Riesling is our favourite grape at the moment and it might make this review a little bit biased; hopefully not. As Steininger is not the “heaviest” or “strongest” riesling it suits well for aperitif. Austria produces lots of excellent rieslings and beerenausleses (sweet wine), otherwise maybe not so known for making wines compared to Southern neighbors like Italy and Spain.

Label of bottle is modest which embodies the belief of trust on taste of wine.

Appearance – light yellow, colour close to straw

Aroma – some minerals and fruits, soft and easy

Sensation/Taste – soft fruits and minerals, no taste of petrol, acidity does not dry mouth like “heaviest” rieslings

Fact and Figures:

Alcohol: 12,5% by volume
Extract: 26 g/l
Sugar: 5 g/l
Acidity: 7,5 g/l
Energy: 80 kcal/100 ml (330 kJ/100 ml)
Closure: metal screw cap


Wine is excellent choise to start tasting rieslings if you are afraid of taste of petrol and acids.



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