Wine reviews: Gramona Xarel-lo and Cordillera Carignan

6 01 2013

This wine review is based on recommendation for cheeses by Copas y Tapas waiter when we had dinner there just before Christmas. Being conservative, cheeses need port wine or similar, this food and wine pairing was pleasant surprise.

After asking for sweet wine with the cheeses, which restaurant did not have, we were suggested to try wine from Gramona with Xarel-lo grape and Cordillera with Carignan grape by Miguel Torres (Chile).

Torres should be quite familiar to everyone but Gramona was unfamiliar to me. Gramona is family owned 125 year old wine yard in Penedes producing cavas and wines. Tasted wine comes from Font Jui site. Gramona also uses riesling in one of they white wines.

Because we were not so sure if red wine or dry white wine would be more suitable, decided to taste both.


Gramona’s red wine was dark ruby red with hints of purple on the edges. Cordillera white wine was light yellow, close to gold.


Gramona’s bouqet was quite sweet for dry white wine, some pieces of white fruits. Cordillera was warm and dense aroma reminiscent of spices and forests.


Most important thing was the perfect paring with the cheeses. If tasted separately these wines might feel too modest although they might be ok also separately.

Gramona had white fruit and some oak barrel taste. Sustained tartness, and pleasantly sharp white fruit finish with lasting aftertaste. Cordillera’s barrel ageing had added touches of vanilla and smoke. Although wine is quite strong, alcohol did not taste through.

We had Assortment of 5 cheeses: Manchego, Comte, Livarot, Gruyrere goat cheese and Ossay-Iraty. None of the cheeses were over salty or too greasy which were base for a perfect match to the wines. If one of the cheeses would have been blue cheese or really strong and greasy, more deep wine might have been needed.

Cheese plate

Facts and figures (Gramona):

Total acidity 4.6 g/l
Alcohol content 11.5% Vol.
Reducing sugars <; 2 g/l

Facts and figures (Cordillera):

Alcohol: 14 t-%
Extract: 33 g/l
Acidity: 5,5 g/l
Energy: 90 kcal/100 ml (380 kJ/100 ml)

These recommendations prove that restaurant Copas y Tapas service is professional also when it comes to wines. 4+ comes from pairing to cheeses. Note, Cordillera Carignan should be available at Alko.

REVIEW: OVERALL GRADE 4+/5 – BANG FOR THE BUCK ++ / +++,Carignan,Syrah



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