Beetroot and chevre in two ways

6 10 2012

Sometimes it does good to try new foodstuff. Beetroot is quite common vegetable in Finland but usually potato and carrot win when preparing lunch or dinner. Decided to use beetroot and this time chevre in starter and main course. Accidentally onion suited well also for main course so could say dinner was made from beetroot, chevre and onion.

Starter was “Chevre beetroot toast” Chevre, beetroot, caramelized onion, balsamico and oak lead lettuce. Tasty but next time will fry beetroot and chevre on pan with butter. Onion was cooked with red wine, balsamic vinegar, honey, sugar and salt. Like the face imitation?

Main course was “Chicken breast with roasted beetroot” Chicken breast, oven roasted beetroot, chevre, caramelized red onion, oven baked onion and pepper sauce. This was delicious although I say it myself. No need for potato or other side dishes. Maybe chicken could have been in the oven 1 minute less after pre frying.

No points for home made food! Chevre is goat cheese, this time President.

PS. Riesling matched well for both dishes.

Restaurant review: Piccolo Mondo

19 08 2012

Restaurant Piccolo Mondo, located at Aleksi’s coutyard, is a family owned restaurant which has been operating in the same place since 1991. Inside dining hall has room for about 80 people and during the summer season terrace holds about 100 additional seating. Piccolo’s kitchen combines Mediterranean influences with Finnish traditional cuisine. You can order pasta, risotto, pizza, salad and seafood dishes as well as desserts. Restaurant has had same tables at the terrace quite long, suggest to replace them.

There are also two other restaurants at Aleksi’s coutyard (Aleksin Piha), Santa Fe and Grande Grill. Santa Fe serves tex mex food like fajitas and from June to August from Monday to Thursday you can enjoy live music performed by local artists. Piccolo Mondo customers can also hear and watch music. Grande Grill serves meat and sandwiches nad have same tables at the terrace as Santa Fe. Would say that Santa Fe is most popular restaurant of the three at Aleksi’s coutyard.

Started dinner with large Antipasto (8 pieces) including Mozzarella, gorgonzola, cold smoked salmon, prosciutto, marinated champignon mushrooms, olives, marinated artichoke and melon. Mozzarella was Buffala which was bonus, mushrooms tasted best, artichokes shoud have been grilled but now tasted too much for vinegar. In overall appearance of antipasto plate looked too much tinned food. Also ordered Bread Basket fresh bread and tapenade spread, maybe the most expensive bread in the restaurants but good.

Restaurant suggested to order Pike perch in August which we did. Fish came with steamed vegetables, potato cakes and shrimp remoulade. Wondered if chef had used white pepper instead of salt. Had to also add salt which is really rare for us. Also ordered Surf & Turf  Fried chicken breast fillet, jumbo shrimp skewer, coconut-citrus sauce and creamy white wine risotto. Chicken and shrimps were ok but risotto was more or less like porridge. For side dish ordered Mixed salad which balanced main courses well.

The terrace of Piccolo Mondo is casual and perfect place to eat pizza in the summer. It is more quiet (no own music and less noise) than other two restaurants at the Aleksi’s coutyard which makes conversation easier. If you decide to dine at coutyard and all tables are occupied, wait for a while close to the tables and run to released table right away because you are not the only one trying to do the same.


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