Restaurant review: Picasso (Puerto Banus, Spain)

25 08 2013

Picasso -

Best Pizzas and longest queue in Puerto Banus and Marbella! There are also quite fancy boats and cars to be viewed.

Picasso -

Visited Picasso about 10 years ago, so obvious choise was to refresh the memories. We came just in time, because after we were seated, continuous queue was waiting for free tables. What makes this restaurant most popular in Puerto Banus is excellent price/quality ratio and relaxed athmosphere compared to any other restaurant. Of course you have decided to enjoy pizzas or pasta. Or you might just want to eat biggest ice cream desserts you have ever seen.

Decided to order Pizza Tricolor Tomate natural, mozzarella búfala, jamón ibérico, rúcula y parmesano (in english Diced tomatos, buffalo mozzarella, serrano ham, rocket and parmesan shavings). Quite interesting combination and most suprising observation was that there was no tomato sauce or melted cheese on the pizza. All pizza toppings were placed after baking pizza dough and therefore they were really fresh! Crispy pizza with well chosen combination of toppings made Tricolor one of the best pizza experiences so far.

Pizza Tricolore -

Pizza Tricolore -

We had for starters Andalucian Gambas Pil Pil Gambas picantes, aceite de oliva, ajo,vino blanco y chili (in english Spicy prawns in oil, garlic, white wine and chili) which were quite normal staff but this review is focusing on pizza experience.

Recommend to order pizza or pasta, no starters, and leave some room for dessert. As mentioned earlier ice cream portions are huge but it was impossible to try them after Pil Pil starter and pizza.

In most busy vacation time, you have to stand in the queue from 5 up to 60 minutes depending on your arrival time. If you are guided to 2nd floor and are not with children, prepare for some noise and action because there are more families upstairs.


And after dinner some photos of fancy boats and cars…

Lady Haya - reijosfood.comLady Haya - reijosfood.comBoat - reijosfood.comBoat - reijosfood.comBoat - reijosfood.comCar -

Restaurant review: Virgin Oil Co.

2 09 2012

From nice dining to stage diving!

This is how restaurant Virgin Oil Co. describes briefly itself –

In real life Virgin Oil Co. is american italian restaurant which serves maybe the best pizzas in Helsinki. Have several times ordered delicious pizzas which are prepared in wood oven and they have always been excellent. Restaurant and bar are in the first floor and terrace in the summer front of the entrance. In the 2nd floor there is a popular Club where you can enjoy live music and performances. Decor tries to imitate taverna or trattoria style with few peculiarities like painting/picture on the wall and roof lamps.

Imagine that at the end of August restaurant already sells Christmas Party events!

At 5PM on Friday evening restaurant is still quite empty, but could not make table reservation two days earlier. Usually you get table right away or in half a hour if they said it is full. At 7PM it actually was full.

For Primi Piatti or Antipasti ordered this time Gamberetti con Barbaforte Crayfish tails marinated with horseradish, Carciofi Marinated and grilled artichokes and Salsiccia Piccante Hot and spicy salsiccia-type sausage, grilled. Crayfish was OK but one could not taste horseradish. Artichokes were also OK but should have been longer in the grill. Salsiciccia sausage was as it should have been, salty and greasy.

For Primi Secondi had Chevre Chicken Grilled breast of chicken, potatoes à la Virgin, grilled goat cheese, blackcurrant sauce and vegetables and Chicken Fulmini
Grilled breast of chicken, linguine (pasta) in a creamy sauce with chilli, oil with herbs, parmesan and pine kernels. Grilled chicken breast
was a little bit dry but chevre well grilled and smooth. Linguine was also a little bit over cooked but chili sauce tasted perfect. Sauce reminded carbonara but without egg.

For wine ordered wines from barrels which usually are simple but drinkable. Maybe wine had stayed too long in the barrel because it was a little bit stale. All bottle wines come from Italy and USA; for american italian restaurant an obvious choice!

Virgin Oil Co. is perfect place to eat pizza with friends because of central location (near Stockmann on the Mannerheim Street) and relaxed athmosphere. For pizza would have given at least 4 for food, if comparing to many other pizzerias.

REVIEW: 3+/5 – SERVICE 3,5/5 – OVERALL GRADE 3,5/5

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