Anthony Bourdain visited Finland

6 09 2012

Anthony “Tony” Bourdain, American chef, author and TV personality visited Finland in January 2012.

Mr. Bourdain is well known for Travel Channel‘s culinary and cultural adventure programs No reservations and The Layover. These programs are also shown in channel Jim in Finland.

Anthony Bourdain – No reservations 2012 Finland was shown in Finnish TV on the 2nd September, 2012.

Hey really, Finns and Finland are not at all like that! Finns like clean sauna’s at home a lot, but they seldom drink vodka and never take “treatments” shown. English is the first foreign language for Finns in the schools, so that went also wrong. Must now reconsider watching No reservations, if all episodes are so much far from the truth.


Not so nice videos….be careful!

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