Restaurant review: Alberga – dinner and comedy theatre

8 02 2014

Alberga -

Our visit to Alberga, one of the oldest theatre restaurants in Finland, was probably the 20th or at least something like that. And proof of our long history with Alberga was warm welcome handshake by owner,  when we arrived.

Theatre restaurant Alberga is family owned scene in Espoo, Leppävaara (Alberga in Swedish). Restaurant was established 1988 and since then it has presented over 1000 plays, mostly comedies.

We came to see “Rich, Dear and Work” performed by Minna Kivelä and Annu Valonen. Both are well known comediennes from TV series “Handy hostess”.

What a play! These comediennes are the best in Finland and made us laugh bellies ache.

There is always special theatre menu available consisting of one starter, two alternative main courses and one dessert. Dinner is served before the show which usually starts at 20.00.

Dinner started with Beetroot flavored salmon which is basic delicious Finnish dish and never let’s you down. Salmon must be enough thin in order not be chewy.

Salmon at Alberga -

For main courses kitchen served Roasted Arctic char with lingonberry sauce and Fried sirloin with red wine sauce.

Fish included cooked potatoes and made portion again basic scrumptious Finnish plate. Sirloin was tender and properly roasted, meat inside was rose. Side dishes, oven potato and roasted root vegetables complemented the dose perfectly.

Acctic char at Alberga - reijosfood.comSirloin at Alberga -

Dessert served was Parfait which included orange, chocolate and strawberry. Could have eaten three of them.

Parfait at Alberga -

Theatre restaurant Alberga is more sedate than Kaksi kanaa, which is also popular scene (review was posted 4.3.2012).

Alberga -

You should visit Alberga although you would not like theatre. It is totally different to follow up the show two meters from the small stage than sit in the back row of big hall. And most of the plays are enjoyable, well written and acted out. Athmosphere is relaxed and informal. Therefore Alberga earns 4,5 for overall grade.


Dinner and Show at theatre restaurant Kaksi Kanaa

4 03 2012

Kaksi Kanaa is the oldest theatre restaurant in Finland with same Dinner & Show concept over 30 years. You first dine and order from a la carte or group menu lists. At 9PM starts show which might include stand up comics, theater or even drag show. Restaurant is popular place to celebrate special occasions like birthday, as our group and at least few other tabels did. As shows are acted out in Finnish and also menu is only in Finnish, might not be the right place for visitors not understanding Finnish.

From versatile menu we chose for starters i.a. smoked reindeer soup (in the picture), toast skagen (in the picture), snails with gorgonzola and caesar -salad with chicken. Every portion was delicious and also well arranged on the plates. Garlic tasted in the snails as it should but gorgonzola was not hidden behind it. Reindeer soup consisted of tiny meat pieces which made the soup substantial. Toast skagen had plenty of shrimps on top of small white bread and whitefish roe gave extra luxury.

For main courses we ate i.a. smoked salmon with fungus sauce (in the picture), grilled white fish with spinach sauce (in the picture), roasted corn chicken with rosemary-red wine sauce and garlic potatoes, Coeur de fillet – whole roasted fillet of beef with Cafe de Paris herb butter and garlic potatoes and traditional pepper steak fillet from the house with country potatoes. Portions were not as “attractive” as starters but basically OK. Some hassle with white fish as potatoes were not ordered ones, but steward noticed it before us. If main courses would have been at the same level as starters, restaurant would have received 4 as a grade for food.

As main courses were so substantial only two of us ordered desserts. Sorbet-meringue cake and chocolate cake from the house with vanilla ice cream (in the picture). Both OK, maybe little bit more meringue would have balanced flavors.

Even though restaurant was fully booked up waitering was at good level. Time to pour wine and look out for status of dining.

REVIEW: Food 3,5/5 – Service 4/5 – Overall grade 4/5

During the evening we were at Kaksi Kanaa, Heli Sutela and Andre Wickström, stand up comedians, were on the stage. Hilarious solo performances from both; think that Heli Sutela would have won if there would have been competition.

(Kaksi Kanaa in english: Two Chickens)

There is another popular theatre restaurant in Espoo, restaurant Alberga, which has over 20 year history. Can recommend also!

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