Sushi time

5 10 2012

Decided to try newcomer in the neighborhood Zakura Sushi. But this time picked up food at home.

Zakura Sushi opened first of September and it is located in the place where there used to be chinese restaurant. Zakura Sushi is family owned and neat place. When picking up food place was empty but quests with same purpose (picking up home) arrived after me. Waiting time for getting sushi’s was about 10 minutes.

Ordered Sushi Platter 11 pcs California rolls, salmon, tuna, king prawn, salmon roe, white fish, egg and tofu. Generous portion, nigiris were almost too huge to eat, makis were delicious. Also ordered Salmon Temaki 8 salmon maki rolls. These included salmon and cucumber and were nice, maybe salmon pieces were a little bit chewy.

As food was eaten at home, no review this time.



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