Restaurant review: Hanko Sushi – largest sushi bar chain in Finland

14 11 2014
Sushi from Hanko Sushi -

Sushi from Hanko Sushi Bar

Hanko Sushi is Finland’s largest sushi restaurant or bar chain. The first Sushi Bar was founded in summer town Hanko (reason for name) and today chain has 15 Sushi Bar’s in several localities, most of them in the capital area. Many of the sushi spots are bar’s and take-away places, but for instance the one in Hanko can be called as restaurant. Larger dining room with several tables and summer terrace.

As fans of Sushi, tried first time Hanko Sushi Ruoholahti a two months ago and after that several times. Usually have dropped by some small sushi bar in shopping centers.

Hanko Sushi Ruoholahti

Hanko Sushi Ruoholahti


From Hanko Sushi picked up each time assortments. They have three different sizes and this review covers all of them.

Small Assortment consists of 10 sushi pieces

4 Nigiri’s: 2 Shake (Salmon*), 1 Ebi (Shrimp), Tamago (Omelet**)

6 Maki roll’s: 2 Kappa (Cucumber), 2 Shake (Salmon), 2 Lohiura (Salmon, avocado, sesame seeds)

Ginger, Wasabi, Soy sauce

Maki roll’s were great especially Shake and Lohiura. Pure Kappa is too simple, but with wasabi and soy sauce simple taste improves a lot.

Nigiri’s are our favourite, especially basic Shake. One Shake piece was replaced this time with Yakishake*, which is also delicious. Ebi is most difficult to eat and better leave Tamago as last piece because it is so scrumtiously sweet.

Small Assortment at Hanko Sushi

Small Assortment at Hanko Sushi

Medium Assortment has 12 sushi pieces which means two Nigiri’s more:

1 Yakishake (Grilled salmon), 1 Tara (Cod)

All Nigiri’s were again really scrumptious except Tara, which was quite chewy. Yakishake with mayonnaise was especially enjoyable. Tara was the reason for dropping 1/4 points.

*Tamago was in this medium assortment replaced with Seaweed, which actually was delicious. Almost conjured when saw Tamago missing, but not anymore when enjoyed Seaweed first of 12 sushi’s.

Hanko Sushi selection -

Medium Assortment at Hanko Sushi

With Large Assortment you get again two Nigiri’s more but also some changes:

1 Unagi (Grilled eel), 1 Avocado, 1 Gunga Masako (Capelin roe)***

Again some changes because Tara*** was there and had replaced Gunka Masako. Why Tara, not our favourite… Anyhow, again delicious assortment and extreme sushi enjoyment. Especially Unagi was nice surprise. Ate it first time and it will not be the last. One of the best Sushi pieces ever tasted.

Large Assortment at Hanko Sushi

Large Assortment at Hanko Sushi

Soy sauce is the sweetest ever tasted at sushi bar’s. Almost too sweet because saltiness seems to remain hidden. But it is excellent, no need to say it. And wasabi is enough strong but not that strong that is makes your eyes drain.

Sushi’s at Hanko Sushi are excellent; fresh and tasty. So far takeaway portions have been the best in Helsinki.

I do not rate service, if one has the to order from cashier.

Next summer have to visit Hanko Sushi Hanko and have light lunch at the terrace in order to be able to compare quality and service. Hanko Sushi Iso-Omena in Espoo also has wider dining room with several tables.

No wine available, which urges you to purchase sushi’s with you and enjoy them with wine at home.

Overall grade is also difficult to rate, but visits to Hanko Sushi Ruoholahti have been quick but pleasant experiences.

Hanko Sushi bar Ruoholahti

Hanko Sushi bar Ruoholahti


Hanko Sushi.

Wine review: Christmas Riesling 2012

10 11 2013

Would you buy wine because there is Christmas tree on the label and name of the wine is Christmas Riesling?

Christmas Riesling -

Wonder how one wineyard (weingut) can name it’s wine as Christmas something? Has the wine something to do with Christmas?

After tasting, nothing!

Wine comes from wineyard Lergenmüller, Pfalz (The Palatinate), Germany.


As you can see the label highlights Christmas. The wine itself is straw-colored and slightly greenish.


Typical light young riesling. Some fruits and raisins which we often find in rieslings but no one else seems to do so; at least when it comes to professional reviews.


Lack of petrol and minerals makes this wine light and boring. The name Christmas would require more character.

Facts and figures:

Alcohol: 13,00 %
Extract : 25 g/l
Acidity: 7,5 g/l
Sugar: 6 g/l
Energy : 80 kcal / 100 ml (320 kJ / 100 ml)
Closure: metal screw cap

Wine is basic riesling which suits for aperitif and with food without too much spices. Tried it with sushi and it did not pair at all. Christmas Riesling 2012 does not create a Christmas athmosphere neither reminds you of Christmas tree or presents. For Christmas I recommend Finnish Glögg or Gluhwein.

Only positive thing is the price of the wine; it is only 8,95€ in Finnish Alko’s.


Sushi time

5 10 2012

Decided to try newcomer in the neighborhood Zakura Sushi. But this time picked up food at home.

Zakura Sushi opened first of September and it is located in the place where there used to be chinese restaurant. Zakura Sushi is family owned and neat place. When picking up food place was empty but quests with same purpose (picking up home) arrived after me. Waiting time for getting sushi’s was about 10 minutes.

Ordered Sushi Platter 11 pcs California rolls, salmon, tuna, king prawn, salmon roe, white fish, egg and tofu. Generous portion, nigiris were almost too huge to eat, makis were delicious. Also ordered Salmon Temaki 8 salmon maki rolls. These included salmon and cucumber and were nice, maybe salmon pieces were a little bit chewy.

As food was eaten at home, no review this time.

Restaurant Review: Messina (Spain)

29 05 2012

Restaurant Messina is ranked 2nd by TripAdvisor customer reviews in Marbella. Messina is quite small with about 30 seats. Made reservation 2 weeks ahead and restaurant called to reconfirm it same day as we dined. All seats were occupied by diners by 9PM, so obviously restaurant is very popular place.

Decor is modern, background music played was soft lounge e.g. like from Hotel Costes albums. Waitering was professional and polite, contents of each portion were described in detail.

Greetings from the kitchen were generous. Smoked Bressaola, Serrano and other stuff in stone “cup”; aroma of smoke was strong when waitress raised cover. Parsley with cheese in sticks with some additional ingredients and “ice cream” in glass cube were brilliant performance by the kitchen.

For starters we ordered Ingredientes de sushi y espuma de arroz – Sushi “de-fusion” with a rice foam and Cecina de Salmon – smoked dried salmon with tomatoes and olive powder. When sushi was brought, thick gray steam raised from small grid after waitress poured ginger liquid on it, amazing! And when soft tuna fish was dipped in rice foam, wasabi and ginger liquid, combination was marvelous. Salmon with add on’s was also enjoyable.

For main courses chose Salmonete con meloso de quinoa – Red mullet with sweet quinoa, shimps and octopus and Corvina de conil – Sea bass/Crocker. Both fishes were properly cooked and accompaniments suited well for them. Octopus under red mullet was crispy and asparagus under Crocker enough crisp also.

For wine we chose Radix rose wine. Almost red but still rose with strong bouquet and flavor. Good choice for wide taste of the world during dinner.

Dessert was Queso y vino – Cheese and wine. Four different types of cheese with 4cl glass of Pedro Ximenez sherry. Cheese and port or sherry are always unbeatable combination; with these cheeses sherry was bulls eye.

Restaurant Messina provides culinaristic and artistic dinner experience one should try if visiting Marbella.

REVIEW: FOOD 4,5/5 – SERVICE 4,5/5 – OVERALL GRADE 4,5/5 (Messina website is not up to date when it comes to a la carte list)

Kattila – new Cuisine World at Linnanmäki amusement park

13 04 2012

Finland’s biggest amusement park Linnanmäki will open  cuisine world featuring the offerings of six renowned chefs. In addition to the primary target group of Linnanmäki visitors, the cuisine world Kattila will serve all urban people who value high-quality food made from premium ingredients.

Kattila comprises six restaurants serving fine examples of world cuisine. The experienced restaurant-keepers have a total of four Michelin stars between them including 2 Michelin star chef Hans Välimäki, but the restaurants’ price range should suit also for smaller budgets.


Kattila restaurants are:

– Kuula – meatball bar (chef  Tommi Tuominen, owner of Demo and Grotesk)

Coccola – mediterranean food (chefs from Postress)

American Wonder (created by Hans Välimäki)

Ilona – Finnish restaurant (based on restaurant Aino concept)

Sushibar + Wine – Scandinavian desing and sushi

Caruzello – family buffet (created by Kim Heiniö)


If you have visited amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen, this sounds similar concept.

Linnanmäki will open its doors again for summer season on 21st of April.

(BTW, Kattila is Pot in english)

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