Wine review: Christmas Riesling 2012

10 11 2013

Would you buy wine because there is Christmas tree on the label and name of the wine is Christmas Riesling?

Christmas Riesling -

Wonder how one wineyard (weingut) can name it’s wine as Christmas something? Has the wine something to do with Christmas?

After tasting, nothing!

Wine comes from wineyard Lergenmüller, Pfalz (The Palatinate), Germany.


As you can see the label highlights Christmas. The wine itself is straw-colored and slightly greenish.


Typical light young riesling. Some fruits and raisins which we often find in rieslings but no one else seems to do so; at least when it comes to professional reviews.


Lack of petrol and minerals makes this wine light and boring. The name Christmas would require more character.

Facts and figures:

Alcohol: 13,00 %
Extract : 25 g/l
Acidity: 7,5 g/l
Sugar: 6 g/l
Energy : 80 kcal / 100 ml (320 kJ / 100 ml)
Closure: metal screw cap

Wine is basic riesling which suits for aperitif and with food without too much spices. Tried it with sushi and it did not pair at all. Christmas Riesling 2012 does not create a Christmas athmosphere neither reminds you of Christmas tree or presents. For Christmas I recommend Finnish Glögg or Gluhwein.

Only positive thing is the price of the wine; it is only 8,95€ in Finnish Alko’s.




4 responses

12 11 2013

In answer to your question about buying a wine because of the Christmas label, it could be a yes for me. I don’t drink so if I bought wine it would be for a gift. I don’t drink coffee either and I have selected coffee beans for gifts due to their Christmas label.

13 11 2013

Thanks for comment! I liked the label but unfortunately this wine failed to promote Christmas which is quite important season in Finland.

10 11 2013

I can only guess that this is a special bottling may be made for some of the supermarkets in Finland – when I searched on Google, all the references on google were pointing only to the sources in Finland…

11 11 2013

I tried also to find that wine with google and only hits were in Finnish. As there is only one company in Finland which can sell spirits and wines (Alko), they must have ordered special edition.

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