Home delivery by restaurants during Covid19 – SPIS and Jord as examples

10 04 2020

Who was thinking about the possibility restaurants would be closed some day because of pandemic? At least not me at the beginning of year 2020.

Seeing how difficult period we are going through especially when it comes to small businesses relying on customer visits and on-site spending, it makes me think who I can help. Fine dining restaurants changing their business model from table serving to home deliveries are worth of appreciation. Especially when owners themselves drive to homes and bring the food, because they think that whole value chain must be under control. Basic home delivery service companies might fail in some cases, although I use those also a lot at the moment.

As an examples I bring up two restaurants, SPIS and Jord. I have visited SPIS couple of times (see reviews), but never visited Jord. Both are family owned, serving excellent and partly traditional Finnish/Nordic food with their own twist.

SPIS delivers food to be warmed up at home with instructions and Jord serves portions you can eat without any preparation.

Below you can find sample of pictures of both restaurant dishes and portions.


Weekend dinner: Pumpkin soup, Braised Veal and Cheeses

Easter dinner: Asparagus Soup, Braised Lamb and Carrot Cake

Ingredients for Easter dinner


Jord weekend dinner: Vendaces and Confit Chicken


How often you get “gourmet” food delivered to home? Typically you get pizza, oriental dishes and finger food. If there is something good in pandemic (actually there is nothing), is that more and more people can get familiar to well prepared tasty dishes, which also look attempting.

And I urge everybody to support restaurants by using home delivery services and buying gift cards. We do not want them to disappear, do we?



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