Restaurant reviews: Soup Kitchen and Cheese bistro

22 09 2012

Wanha Kauppahalli (Old Market Hall) has been opened 1889 and today it hosts about 30 merchants and bistro owners. You can eat sushi, soups and cheeses at small bistros or have a cup of coffee at one of the cafes. You can also buy delicious Finnish “smörrebröds” for instance rye bread with spiced salmon.

Because most of the merchants sell delights or groceries which are not available in ordinary stores, there is even Alko (wine store) at Wanha Kauppahalli.

Decided to have lunch at two of the so called bistros. Both places were almost all the time full of tourists. Actually think that no one was Finnish when we had cheeses at Cheese bistro.

Bouillbaisse at Soppakeittiö (Soup Kitchen)

Soup Kitchen serves three different soups every day. This time alternatives were White bean soup, Goulash sopu and Bouillbaisse soup. Ordered Bouillbaisse soup which included salmon, shrimps, mussels, vegetables and garlic mayonnaise. Soup was extremely tasty and two kinds of bread with basilica oil complemented well ensemble. And price – only 9 euros!

Cheese plate at Juustobistro (Cheese bistro)

Cheese bistro serves also soup, sandwiches and pastries. You can also order wine and other liquors if you like. After delicious soups walked 5 meters from Soup Kitchen to Cheese bistro, they are side by side at Old Market Hall.

Cheese plate included cheeses from cow, goat and lamb milk. Fourth cheese was blue cheese. Also Tuc biscuits and white bread was served together with cheeses. Price for plate was 7,50€ and with glass of house wine 12€. Cheeses can vary on daily basis which means that you can drop by often.

This time no grades because both places differ so much from “real” restaurants. If you have time to visit Old Market hall, can recommend both. On Saturday at lunch time you may have to wait for free table ot desk.



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