15 BEST restaurants 2012 in Tallinn (Estonia)

19 01 2013
It takes only 2 hours to cruise to Tallinn, which makes it easy to visit there regularly. Nowadays there are lots of good restaurants in Tallinn, worth to visit for that reason.
Ranking below is made by Eesti Maitsed based on the votes of the key employees of various Estonian restaurants. Each voter compiles a personal list of 7 restaurants that he or she thinks are the best in Estonia. The voters must have visited these places and the list cannot include the voters’ employers or restaurants related to their personal property. List includes all restaurants in Estonia but I have picked up Tallinn restaurants.

Winner, restoran Tchaikovsky, definitely earns 1st place. It is part at hotel Telegraaf. We were impressed by it’s style, food and service. Restoran Ö has won 1st place 2009 and 2010 in Tallinn but still was really sophisticated year and a half ago but has lost several places. Both restaurants as well as Chedi, Bocca and La Bottega are owned by Sparkling Group http://www.sparkling.ee/eng/?page=about

2. Chedi
3. Leib
4. Moon
5. Neh
6. Bordoo
7. Ribe
8. Bocca (https://reijosfood.com/2013/02/02/restaurant-review-bocca-estonia/)

9. La Bottega
10. Dominic
11. Ö (below, visited 30.7.2011 but did not make review)

12. MEKK (https://reijosfood.com/2013/02/03/restaurant-review-mekk-estonia/)

MEKKrestoran MEKK

13. Horisont

14. Cru
15. F-Hoon

Whole list can be found via link http://www.eestimaitsed.com/eng/restaurants#2012



6 responses

31 10 2013

You should try Mix Restoran
Defenetly reccomended, atmosphere, food and service TOP notch.

29 10 2013

One good restaurant I visited when in Tallinn was restaurant Tbilisi in old town. I found it here:
Food was excellent and portions likewise. try it!

29 10 2013

Thanks for hint! Will definately try.

18 09 2013
Kim 24/7 in France

Always great to have restaurant travel tips – thanks!

26 06 2013

Hi Reijo,

Have you tried Mustlammas in Tallinn? It is Georgian cuisine. I went there a couple of times 2-3 years ago and found it rather good. It is not very refined, more like good old huge dishes made by a grandmother…

26 06 2013

No I have not, but must try next time

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