Restaurant review: MEKK (Estonia)

3 02 2013

restoran MEKKMEKK

MEKK, quite new restaurant offering modern Estonian dishes, is located on Suur-Karja street in the Old Town of Tallinn.  Emporio Armani and Burberry shops are just around the corner. Restaurant includes dining room, bar and two private rooms; City Wall Chamber and Mekk Ateljee. Restoran MEKK is ranked 12th on list of best restaurants in Tallinn.

Reserved table via and it worked well.

Decided to try for starters MEKK´s assortment of lightly salted roasted salmon, marinated herring, spiced sprats and egg salad, potato cake and Lightly salted white fish with fried goose liver, cauliflower cream, tomato and chives sauce.
Unfortunately assortment included overdose of onion. Stew in a small jar was onion with sour cream and it would have been enough but there was onion on top of each fish piece. White fish was OK but lightly salted meant no salt at all. In Finland lighlty salted fish usually as clear taste of salt.

Fish assortmentWhite fish

For main courses ordered MEKK’s fish with apple vinegar caramelized beetroot, duck fat flavored potatoes and sparkling wine sauce and Braised veal shank with sugar peas and lentils.
Fish was pike perch which is usually really tasty, now it lacked salt. Had asked to replace sparkling wine sauce with something else because it included milk products. Therefore sauce in the picture is red. Veal shank lacked also salt, sugar peas were fresh side dish.

Pike perchVeal shank

For dessert ordered portion of Assortment of MEKK´s cheeses.
It is a good way to become familiar with local food. Cheeses were palatable, propably best part of dinner.

MEKK's cheeses

Restoran MEKK is promising newcomer in Tallinn restaurant life. Portions are prepared well and dining room is decorated with taste. This time lack of salt and spices lowered grade of food. Maybe they are not used so much in original Estonian food?


15 BEST restaurants 2012 in Tallinn (Estonia)

19 01 2013
It takes only 2 hours to cruise to Tallinn, which makes it easy to visit there regularly. Nowadays there are lots of good restaurants in Tallinn, worth to visit for that reason.
Ranking below is made by Eesti Maitsed based on the votes of the key employees of various Estonian restaurants. Each voter compiles a personal list of 7 restaurants that he or she thinks are the best in Estonia. The voters must have visited these places and the list cannot include the voters’ employers or restaurants related to their personal property. List includes all restaurants in Estonia but I have picked up Tallinn restaurants.

Winner, restoran Tchaikovsky, definitely earns 1st place. It is part at hotel Telegraaf. We were impressed by it’s style, food and service. Restoran Ö has won 1st place 2009 and 2010 in Tallinn but still was really sophisticated year and a half ago but has lost several places. Both restaurants as well as Chedi, Bocca and La Bottega are owned by Sparkling Group

2. Chedi
3. Leib
4. Moon
5. Neh
6. Bordoo
7. Ribe
8. Bocca (

9. La Bottega
10. Dominic
11. Ö (below, visited 30.7.2011 but did not make review)

12. MEKK (

MEKKrestoran MEKK

13. Horisont

14. Cru
15. F-Hoon

Whole list can be found via link

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