Man v Food in Helsinki

26 02 2013

You may have heard about Travel Channel restaurant TV-series Man v Food?

Or even watched it? Here is one You Tube example of the show, if you are not familiar what this is all about:

There are couple of restaurants in Helsinki which could offer challenge for Man v Food competition. One of the few is Restaurant Sports Academy, name tells you everything, it is a sports restaurant. Big screens and lots of sports stuff. Restaurant has on their a la carte list a hamburger which has quite nice name:


8 pcs 180g house burger steaks, fried and smoked bacon, warm cheddar sauce, grilled pineapple, onion rings and thaislaw salad

T’s & C’s of this challenge: Eat this giant alone in one day without leaving restaurant. Staff acts as a referee. If you win your name will be immortalized on Wall of Fame and you get your Giant for free.

If you really want to try “Man v Food” challenge and eat almost 1,5kg meat in this restaurant, web address is



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