Home cuisine: Asian style whitefish

23 02 2014

Asian style whitefish - reijosfoo.com

Whitefish, one of the best Finnish fishes, can be prepared in a myriad of ways. This time made whitefish with asian style, one of our favourite cuisines.

First of all you need fresh whitefish. If you want to take a shortcut, purchase scaled and fish bones removed ones. Less messy and it saves time.

Whitefish - reijosfood.com


1 whitefish fillet for each diner

Rice (used whole grain instead of white)

Sauce: water, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, cane sugar, red chilli, ginger, fresh mint and coriander

Salad: carrot, cucumber, sweet pepper, fresh mint and coriander, balsamic vinegar

Riesling - reijosfood.com

Instructions (30 minutes preparing time, step 1 not included)

1. Take whitefish out of the fridge 1 hour earlier, add salt and pepper for both sides

2. Prepare sauce by mixing all ingredients depending how spicy you want to make it. You might want to add more sugar but tasting is important.

3. Prepare salad in separate bowls by using peeler in order to get thin chips and add sweet pepper and herbs

4. Boil water and add rice according to instructions on package (boiling time 10-12 minutes)

5. Put whitefish in the oven for about 15 minutes, 220C degrees (depending on the size of fillets)

6. Serve immediately; first rice on the warmed plate, then fish fillet and herbs. Pour sauce on top of the portions at the table.

Whitefish and rice - reijosfood.com

This dish is healthy and palatable. It is your choice how spicy food you like. This can be really spicy if you add plenty of chilli, ginger and herbs. It also can be dilute without those spices.

Suitable wine for this dish is white wine from riesling grapes. Tried Cono Sur Single Vineyard Block 23 Riesling 2012, which has enough acidity and character; therefore it paired perfectly. Wine review will follow later.



5 responses

23 02 2014

I had to use whatever I had in the fridge so it was very experimental 😉

Made some Asian-flavored courgettes, bell peppers and spring onions. Very good.

The salmon I had was caught in the end of November and I think it was coming to its end maybe. It tasted a bit dry and muddy (you know how lake fish sometimes have that taste…). It baked it in the oven with lemon slices and garlic.

The combination was good but the fish itself was not the best I have eaten. Need my parents to make a fresh delivery soon 🙂

23 02 2014

I was inspired by this recipe so I am making vegetables and Finnish lake salmon in an Asian way 😉

23 02 2014

Great! Like to hear if same flavors suited for lake salmon too.

23 02 2014
Mitzie Mee

Looks delicious! I’ve had fish with chili and lime several times in Thailand and it’s so delicious, but somehow I forget all about it, when I get back home and stick to the regular instead (cream and veggies)..

23 02 2014

Easy to prepare and healthier.

Just voted your blog in competiton, good luck!

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