Burger King opened 2nd restaurant in Helsinki – it happened again

22 02 2014

Have Helsinki resident’s missed Burger King so much, they have to queue up for hamburgers?

First Burger King was opened opposite the Stockmann department store on the 13th of Dec, 2013. What happened (click the link)?


Second Burger King was opened on the 14th January 2014 at Helsinki Central railway station, what happened then (click the link)?


Actually I like a lot of well-made burgers and crispy french fries, examples from Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki and Pirate Helsinki.

Hamburger at Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki - reijosfood.comHamburger at Pirate - reijosfood.com

But gosh! No more about this matter……



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24 02 2014
Debra Kolkka

I have nothing (much) against Burger King, but to put it in this beautiful space is criminal. I was horrified when I walked past it in late January. I am also sorry that Starbucks have their awful coffee in that great position, and even more sorry to see it busy. I will never go there.

24 02 2014

Starbucks got that location because Stockmann is struggling due to growing web sales.
But it really is difficult to understand why Burger King got that place at railway station. Hall is protected by National Heritage Board.

22 02 2014

still helsinki is quite good (or was?) in keeping big american retailers out?

23 02 2014

Has it been like that, did not know? Anyway, Starbucks opened in one of the best locations 1/2 year ago and we have Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Hard Rock Cafe etc.. Thanks for reading the post!

23 02 2014

Oh I was there some years ago, when they still didnt have all these things.. it’s too bad you can’t get reasonable food, at a reasonable price anymore!

22 02 2014

Burger King sucks. That is all.

22 02 2014

Exactly! Tried to be polite and not use word s**t instead of gosh.

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