Wine review: Champagne Lanson White Label

6 07 2014

Lanson, cooler and ice -

Summer and terrace – combination requires specially designed bottles and unique tastes. Of course bottle must be white and drink include some flavouring.

Specially created by the House of Lanson, Lanson White Label allows you to appreciate the subtlety of champagne combined with all sorts of natural aromas. You should enjoy this champagne with mint-leaves, orange peel, rasberry or with choice of yours preference.

Champagne is dry, not brut, and it is produced from Chardonnay 38%, Pinot Noir 37% and Pinot Meunieur 25% grapes.

Cooler which is designed for this champagne is also must. It works well because cooler cover prevents the ice from melting and small slots on the cover are excellent place to keep aromas. We tried orange peels and mint-leaves.

Lanson in cooler -


White bottle and cooler are solemn combination. Makes champagne even more attractive.

Wine itself is straw-colored with debonair bubbles. Seemed that amount of bubbles diminished too quickly.


Chardonnay lightens the bouquet and makes it balanced. Found some fruits mostly pear.

Orange peel scent was quite strong so you must be careful when adding it. One or two slices is enough

Mint was too subtle, we had too mild mint leaves, propably.


Pleasing and fresh flavor, some fruits. You could enjoy this without adding any flavoring.

Again taste of orange peel was stronger but still subtle.

Mint unfortunately did not taste almost at all although we crushed one leave. Mint was from Robbens Lilla Trädgård, try something stronger variety.

Lanson and herbs - reijosfood.comLanson White Label -

Alcohol:    12.50 %
Extract:    49 g/l
Acidity:    8.4 g/l
Sugar:      28 g/l
Energy:    90 kcal / 100 ml (370 kJ / 100 ml)

Lanson claims that White Label is the first champagne in the world specially designed for experimenting aromas. If that is the fact Moet & Chandon has ben able to create more ballyhoo two years ago when it launched Ice Imperial. At least for me it is more known champagne with the similar idea. Main differences are that Ice Imperial is semi-dry and you should add ice cubes. And the latter one is maybe the most revolutionary novelty in the world of champagnes.

Lanson & Moet -

Can recommend Lanson White Label for summer champagne, if you are not too stuck to brut’s, even without aromas. Champagne would suit for aperitif but also for dessert wine. With peel of orange it resembles one of cocktail, especially if you add too many peels.




5 responses

10 12 2014
Lanson white lover

Personally i love this product!! We sell alot of it here in Denmark! 🙂

10 12 2014

Great Champagne for summer!

7 07 2014

Hey, I just nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger award ! Hope you like it 🙂

7 07 2014

Thanks! That is an honor!

8 07 2014

You are welcome!

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