Wine review: Chateau Carsin L’Etiquette Grise 2010 – produced by Finnish owned wineyard

25 10 2014


Chateua Carsin -

Chateau Carsin is Finnish owned wineyard in in the commune of Rions, France. Wineyard uses 9 different grape varieties in production; three white grapes and six red ones. The majority of thew ines are the common varieties of the Bordeaux region, but also less common varieties are used such as Sauvignon Gris, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere.

Tasted wine, Chateau Carsin L’Etiquette Grise 2010, was mix of Sauvignon Gris (70%) and Sauvignon Blanc (30%). The wines produced with Sauvignon Gris are less aromatic than those produced from Sauvignon Blanc, which could be noticed during tasting. But on the other hand, as we are not big fans of Sauvignon Blanc, especially if bouquet and taste of black currant dominates. we found this wine pleasant with the food enjoyed. Wineyard also describes: “More serious dry white wine to be enjoyed with food”.


Color is light pale yellow, almost golden


L’Etiquette Grise 2010 has flowery perfume aromas accompanied with some fruits like pine apple. Sauvignon Gris masks the bouquet of Sauvignon Blanc


Taste supplements well the flavors of food enjoyed. Mouth is filled with balanced acidity and light fruit savor.

White wine


Tasted wine first with sushi, perfect match. Then with sweet chili chicken skewer and salad, again pairing was excellent. Because of acidity suits well with all fishes and shellfish, even with white meats.

For white wine, alcoholicity is quite high, 13.5% but you do not notice it while dining.


Finnish-owned vineyard in Côtes de Bordeaux |Château Carsin




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25 10 2014
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25 10 2014

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