Restaurant review: Pastor – Drink & Dine

29 11 2014

Aperitives at Pastor -

Pastor was opened in August 2014 adding new cuisine in Helsinki restaurant scene. Inspiration comes from the Peruvian kitchen with add on’s from east Asian ingredients. Really fusion cuisine as there are some hints from sushi culture and Spanish kitchen. The portions can be eaten alone or they can be shared, of course nowadays.

Decor is simple, maybe even rugged. But as Pastor is also open until 3AM on Friday’s and Saturday’s and transforms even more laid-back socializing place, it does not matter. Background music is played quite loud but does not disturb too much. Room height between dining room and bar hides part of it.

Pastor kitchen -reijosfood.comPastor dining room -

Menu consists of Ceviche bar snacks, starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts. Ceviche dishes are popular in the coastal regions of the South and Central Americas. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with chili. One proof of Peruvian kitchen!

Decided to order for aperitives glass of champagne, Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueuz and drink, which was recommended by waiter, Twinkly. By ordering that you also support Movember movement with 1€ donation.

Wine world is the best part of Pastor. One of the most famous sommerliers in Finland, Pekka Koiranen, chose the wines for us. Recommend to let him to do so, that is the most easiest way to get right wines for complicated flavors.

With fish and shellfish we were suggested to try Von Winning riesling which paired extremely well with tart cheviche. Easy to continue with salmon. With ribs enjoyed glass of Serva azon Pinot Nero from J.Hofstätter, excellent match with spicy pork. And with dessert tasted Beerenauslese Cuvee from grapes 60 % Welschriesling and 40 % Chardonnay, from Weinlaubenhof Kracher. Again perfect match with partly sweet and partly pungent dish.

Pekka Koiranen at Pastor - reijosfood.comVon Winning riesling at Pastor - reijosfood.comPinot Nero red wine at Pastor - reijosfood.comBeerenauslese wine at Pastor -

You have 2 1/2 hours time enough for eating. As we had starters, main courses, desserts and espressos and we arrived 15 minutes late, we had to finish wines at the bar. At that time restaurant and bar were already filled with hungry and thirsty customers. And it seems that this is a fact for most of the evenings. Therefore prepare to book table on time.

Pastor bar -

Pastor is fresh and welcomed dining experience with new flavors. Service was enough quick, which seemed to be challenge during the first months after opening. Although restaurant was full booked our portions arrived in appropriate schedule.

Overall grade raises because of the focus in wines. And it is needed, because wines are maybe not the most common beverage in Peruvian cuisine, are they?





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29 11 2014
Confessions of a Wine Geek

Looks and sounds fantastic!

29 11 2014

It was! Thanks for checking the post!

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