SPIS – Restaurant of the Year 2015 in Finland!

10 02 2015
Snacks at Spis

Snacks at Spis

10th February 2015: The Finnish Gastronomic Society has nominated restaurant SPIS as the Restaurant of the Year 2015!
“The tiny Helsinki based 18 seating restaurant is specialized on healthy Nordic cuisine. It stands out with the way its food is being prepared and how the chefs appraise the freshest Nordic ingredients. The menu of SPIS is based around vegetables, but they also offer at least one fish and meat entré.”
Sweets on Lego

Sweets on Lego

What a coincidence, we dined at SPIS last Saturday on 7th February not knowing of about this nomination. Congratulations to SPIS, it has earned the reward! Read our review Restaurant review: SPIS – genuine Nordic cuisine | Reijosfood.
Spis dining room

Spis dining room



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