Restaurant review: SPIS – genuine Nordic cuisine

8 02 2015

What is Nordic cuisine? It is delicious fresh food with lots of vegetables in different forms. Food is not ruined with strong spices and therefore the original flavor of food ingredients is the main thing.

Spis -

Restaurant Spis is cozy 18-seat Nordic, maybe the smallest, fine dining restaurant in Helsinki. It is open only in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday. Because of the size and popularity, you have to choose to dine early at 0530PM/0600PM or to eat at later table setting at 0830PM. Spis serves two tasting menus, there is no separate a la carte list available.

Interesting detail are walls, which seem to be under renovation, but they are not. Walls just reflect the simplification of the decor.

Dinner started again with snacks; several of them, which really differentiate Spis from many “gourmet” bistros in Helsinki. We had 4 dish menu but got about 10 plates to be enjoyed during the dinner.

First we were served small tasty toast. With champagne perfect finger food.

Champagne at Spis -

After toast we were served root fireworks! From right potato, yellow root, horseradish and lastly striperoot. Not sure, if striperoot is right translation for raitajuuri, but it is like beetroot. Each Finnish delicacy, which were eaten with fingers, included right seasoning or herb.

Forget potato chips and peanuts, offer this type of snacks also at home, if you can prepare them!


The came greetings from the kitchen, which was warm potato soup. Kitchen also prepared special edition of the greeting because of cream in the soup. Carrots in different forms were warmly welcomed surprise.

Potato soup at Spis -


And only now actual dinner started!

For starter kitchen served portion, which was called Cabbage and Mustard. Sounds simple but combination of brioche flavored with mustard paired with cabbage perfectly.


First warm main course was salmon with root salad. Salmon was almost raw, but it was not at the same time. It had been cooked or steamed at 42C degrees, which made it soft. Spoon would have been enough to take care of it.


Between main courses we got sorbets, nice way to clean the mouth and prepare stomach for meat.

Spis served for second warm main course Pressed lamb which had been first cooked for 3 days and then roasted. Below lamb was vorschmack and some beetroots. Heavenly experience, must say!


Intermediate dessert consisted of Västerbotten cheese sorbet and Blackcurrant sorbet, which did not include milk products. Västerbotten cheese is famous Swedish cheese, which suits well for main courses but suits in this case for dessert as well.

Although it is a question of 4 dish dinner, Spis serves two desserts.



Sweet dessert consisted of cake, which melted in the mouth and ice-cream. More please!


Dinner ended up with tea and espresso. But as you are able to taste Ålvados, which is calvados from Åland, you have to try it. And with dessert drinks still some sweets served on huge Lego block. Great way to end the dinner.


Restaurant Spis earns full points for food. Service is professional; contents of portions were explained well and suggestions for wines were one of the most succesful so far.

With starter we were served white wine produced from chenin blanc grapes. With salmon wine menu included Chablis, of course made from chardonnay grapes by Chateau de Beru and with lamb red wine from cabernet franc grapes produced by small Italian winery marco sara.


To summarize, the food is excellent and probably one the healthiest you can eat at the restaurants. Spis also takes care of food allergies with skill although there is only tasting menu’s available.

If you are looking for great Finnish/Nordic food experience, try Spis.


SPIS | Nordic restaurant



9 responses

11 02 2015

the raitajuuri looks like what we simply call a beet here in America.

12 02 2015

Thanks for the tip! We have quite many roots, but all of them do not have proper translation.

11 02 2015
KJ @

The roots fireworks and desserts on lego look lovely ! Are the portions meant to be small so you can try more variety ?

11 02 2015

They are quite small because 4 course dinner includes actually about 10 plates (snacks and dishes). You can not actually choose what you eat but all food allergies are taken into account well.

10 02 2015
SPIS – Restaurant of the Year 2015 in Finland! | Reijosfood

[…] What a coincidence, we dined at SPIS last Saturday on 7th February not knowing of about this nomination. Congratulations to SPIS, it has earned the reward! Read our review Restaurant review: SPIS – genuine Nordic cuisine | Reijosfood. […]

8 02 2015
Valerie Penny

Your article Barcelona Princess is now showing as a guest article on my site I hope it looks good to you.Thank you for your contribution. Let me know if you would like to “guest” again in the future.All the bestVal

8 02 2015

It looks fine 😄

8 02 2015

Great review. I will be sure to check out Spis when I tour round Scandinavia

8 02 2015

Thanks! Spis is worth to check.

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