Kattila – new Cuisine World at Linnanmäki amusement park

13 04 2012

Finland’s biggest amusement park Linnanmäki will open  cuisine world featuring the offerings of six renowned chefs. In addition to the primary target group of Linnanmäki visitors, the cuisine world Kattila will serve all urban people who value high-quality food made from premium ingredients.

Kattila comprises six restaurants serving fine examples of world cuisine. The experienced restaurant-keepers have a total of four Michelin stars between them including 2 Michelin star chef Hans Välimäki, but the restaurants’ price range should suit also for smaller budgets.


Kattila restaurants are:

– Kuula – meatball bar (chef  Tommi Tuominen, owner of Demo and Grotesk)

Coccola – mediterranean food (chefs from Postress)

American Wonder (created by Hans Välimäki)

Ilona – Finnish restaurant (based on restaurant Aino concept)

Sushibar + Wine – Scandinavian desing and sushi

Caruzello – family buffet (created by Kim Heiniö)


If you have visited amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen, this sounds similar concept.

Linnanmäki will open its doors again for summer season on 21st of April.

(BTW, Kattila is Pot in english)


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