Restaurant review: Gourmet Baltic Princess

1 10 2012

M/S Baltic Princess started operating on Helsinki-Tallinn route in July 2008. It is one of the biggest cruise ferries in the Baltic Sea, having capacity for 2,800  passengers. There are 927 cabins, several different restaurants, five bars, three shops, childrens’ world, sauna department and a modern conference room.

Gourmet Baltic Princess is located on deck 7 in the middle of the ship. You can enjoy lunch or dinner on the Baltic sea admiring the sea view as we did at the seaside table. High class and versatile à la carte with its wine alternatives suits all true gourmands looking for taste experiences. At lunchtime, there was only few people dining, most of the cruise guests settled for liquid food.

Trip from Tallinn to Helsinki takes 3,5 hourse, therefore you are able to dine without hurry. With shuttle boat, max 2 hours.

For starters ordered CHICKEN & FOIE GRAS Chicken terrine, duck liver creme and mushrooms and CRAYFISH & CUCUMBER Fried sea crab, shrimp tartar and pickled cucumber. Chicken tasted mostly chicken, not so much for terrine and creme was maybe too creasy. Marine starter was simple but delicious, sea crab was really tasty.

For main courses ordered MONKFISH & OLIVE Grilled monkfish flavoured with olives, cauliflower and smoked milk and special edition of Monkfish which included scallops, mussels and shrimps without any milk products. This time special edition topped off dinner. A la carte portion included not so tasty soft cauliflower “thing” and therefore ate mainly fish. Portion prepared by special request (special edition) was tasty and even waiter said it looked better.

For desssert FIG & APPLE & LEMON Mini cakes – fig, apple with maple syrup and lemon creme. Lemon creme was replaced with lemon sorbet; extremely palatable. Two of the cakes were warm, almost melted in mounth.


First time dined in this restaurant over a year ago; food experience was then a little bit better. Same waiter managed waitering well also this time.

Restaurant review: Tchaikovsky (Estonia)

29 09 2012

It takes only 2 hours with shuttle boat to enjoy of Estonian athmosphere.  In Tallinn there are lots of restaurants with different flavours. This time decided to dine in old town at Restaurant Tchaikovsky which is at hotel Telegraaf.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer whose works included symphonies, concertos, operas, ballets, and chamber music. Some of these are among the most popular concert and theatrical music in the classical repertoire. He was the first Russian composer whose music made a lasting impression internationally, which he bolstered with appearances as a guest conductor later in his career in Europe and the United States. One of these appearances was at the inaugural concert of Carnegie Hall in New York City in 1891. Tchaikovsky was honored in 1884 by Tsar Alexander III, and awarded a lifetime pension in the late 1880s. (Wikipedia)

Restaurant Tchaikovsky is in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia and presents a symphony of Russian cuisine. In 2011, Flavours of Estonia has ranked restaurant cuisine as Estonia’s 2nd best in the fine dining category in its annual 50 best Restaurants in Estonia Award.  Tchaikovsky’s Chef de Cuisine Vladislav Djatšuk was world’s top gastronomy contest Bocuse d’Or Europe finalist in 2009.  The restaurant seats up to 55 diners and in the summer you can also sit at the terrace.

Every Tuesday and Saturday evening, starting from 19:00, you can enjoy of classical live music. So do not believe web site, no live music on Friday.

Dinner started with greetings from Kitchen. Mainly consisting of Roe and cucumber, nice combination. Also crackers and sticks were good with salted butter.

For starters ordered ROYAL BLINI WITH CLASSICAL GARNISHES AND CHOICE OF CAVIAR (30g.) with White fish roe and  Roasted scallops with beetroot, blackberries and lemon espuma. Blini was a little bit dry because egg white and yolk were too dry. Usually portion is moist due to frying in butter.  Scallops were delicious as portion was partly made by special request, beetroot is always tasty but seldom you can see it on restaurant menus.

Kitchen served some food melters before main course. Sorbet is the best melter known as well as this time also.

Decided to order for main courses  Rosted deer fillet with parsnip puree, marinated rowan berries and beetroot sauce and Grilled Cod fish with lemon cream lentils, salsify and mussels sauce. Deer smelted smoothly in mouth, it was so tender. Also all side dishes were perfect. Fish was over cooked, as usually in most of the restaurants. Otherwise portion was delicious as it was prepared by special request.

For dessert decided to taste sweeties like Pavlova à la Tchaikovsky and Crème brûlée with cranberry sorbet. Pavlova was further modified by request and it tasted delicious. As well as Creme brulee which was fresh due to berries and sorbet.

After delicious desserts coffee and green tea were served with kitchens greetings. No need for filling belly anymore but definately had to taste marmelade and pink macarones.

Restaurant Tchaikovsky is one one the best restaurants in Tallinn and maybe the best in old town. Must check Bocca and Ribe and some other restaurants…..Service was excellent and you can be sure you are taken in count.


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