Wine, Food & Good living 2013 -event – what went wrong?

27 10 2013

Champagne -

Wine, Food and Good living -event is now in turning point. Either it has to find larger hall to take all “private” visitors on Saturday and lower prices or focus on business visitors.

First you have to line up to give your coat to checkroom (2.50€ per person). Then you queue for tasting class (8€ – 5€ = 3€ when you return your class) and tasting tickets (2,50€ each). All tasting -seminars are fully booked up well beforehand the event starts; so no guided tasting this year.

Of course vintage champagnes are expensive but it is odd that you have to pay 6 tasting tickets (15€) for 4cl of noble drinks in the picture. Of course Dom Perignon Vintage 2004, which had arrived to Finland 2 days ago, is rare and valuable drink but if we think that Taittinger Brut Reserve (2 tickets) tastes better you do not attract customers to purchase this vintage champagne.

To crown it all, most champagnes ran out of the champagne bar 1/2 hours before event closed. From about 20 champagnes about 4 of the most non-drinkable wines were left. What a waste for the tickets.

To summarize, too crowded and too expensive. Only way to carry on is to modify Saturday; either expand floor space on that day or try change visitor profiles. Hopefully the first one because event itself is marvelous experience on a rainy autumn day.

PS. Forgot to mention that entrance costs 18€. As we had free tickets did not remember that cost at once.



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28 10 2013
the drunken cyclist

Sounds like a drag for sure….

28 10 2013

Yes, compared to what was available

27 10 2013

I have to completely agree with this. It is also such a small space for such an event. I felt claustrophobic. The demand for a broad variety and high quality of wines has out grown the event. Also I feel that it is a little bit too expensive.

You have a good point about the event having to decide wether it should focus on a broader market of consumer enthusiasts or to aim more for a smaller market of professional and ‘hardcore’ enthusiast. If they choose to cater to a wider audience they should continue hosting during this event. There are so many people who are just casual tasters and wine enthusiasts who are looking for a nice wine to drink at home. Since there are 4 other events happening at the same time, which have very little to do with wine you have people there who are maybe interested in wine but not willing to invest so much money. On the other hand if they wish to expand and better the quality of wines then they should invest in a bigger space and perhaps think about hosting a totally independent event like Helsinki Beer Fest has done. That would ensure that those attending are there for the sole purpose of tasting good wines. Then they would be able to focus on a better selection and those people would be more willing to invest in better quality wines.

Great article!

28 10 2013

Thanks for reading post and great that you agreed with my opinion. Event was mostly like big bar but of course provided opportunity to taste wines which can not be purchased at Alko.

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