Wine, Food & Good living 2013 -event – what went wrong?

27 10 2013

Champagne -

Wine, Food and Good living -event is now in turning point. Either it has to find larger hall to take all “private” visitors on Saturday and lower prices or focus on business visitors.

First you have to line up to give your coat to checkroom (2.50€ per person). Then you queue for tasting class (8€ – 5€ = 3€ when you return your class) and tasting tickets (2,50€ each). All tasting -seminars are fully booked up well beforehand the event starts; so no guided tasting this year.

Of course vintage champagnes are expensive but it is odd that you have to pay 6 tasting tickets (15€) for 4cl of noble drinks in the picture. Of course Dom Perignon Vintage 2004, which had arrived to Finland 2 days ago, is rare and valuable drink but if we think that Taittinger Brut Reserve (2 tickets) tastes better you do not attract customers to purchase this vintage champagne.

To crown it all, most champagnes ran out of the champagne bar 1/2 hours before event closed. From about 20 champagnes about 4 of the most non-drinkable wines were left. What a waste for the tickets.

To summarize, too crowded and too expensive. Only way to carry on is to modify Saturday; either expand floor space on that day or try change visitor profiles. Hopefully the first one because event itself is marvelous experience on a rainy autumn day.

PS. Forgot to mention that entrance costs 18€. As we had free tickets did not remember that cost at once.

ViiniExpo and Gastro on 14-16 March 2012 at Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre

6 03 2012

ViiniExpo – Wines and spirits trade days on 14-16 March 2012 at Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. First two days are only for professionals but Wine Lover’s Day on the 16 March 2012 allows all of us to join the event. You can get in if you are ready to pay 15€+ tastings per class. But you can find 4€ discount coupon from Finnish wine magazine (Viinilehti).

At the same time HoReCa professionals gather at Gastro which is Finland’s leading event for the sector.

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