Restaurant review: Boulevard Social

22 02 2015

Boulevard Social was third BW restaurant and it opened its doors in May 2012 on the Boulevard Street (guess where the name comes?). The kitchen and bar offer combination of traditional flavors from Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and other Mediterranean countries. The quite simple bistro decor used in the restaurant has been designed to enhance the restaurant’s flavors.

All BW restaurants share idea that dishes are to be shared. You can choose from two tasting menus with matching wines or order from a la carte list. We decided to order first few snacks, one starter to be shared and two main courses to be shared.

But before dinner we ordered for aperif Pumpkin el Greco, which was recommended by waitress. It included thyme, which suits well for many meat dishes, but with this drink end-result was not so successful at least when it comes to our taste.

Aperitif at Boulevard Social

We started the dinner with snacks 2x GRILLED GREEN MUSSELS `ON A STICK grilled green shell mussels, almond and chorizo salsa and 2x MINI CHICKEN KEBAB `SOUVLAKI´ grilled chicken kebeb marinated with herbs, coriander, dill yoghurt.

Mussels with salsa were extremely delicous, almond and chorizo paired well with grilled green mussels.

Grilled meat tastes usually better that fried. Chicken pieces were juicy but at the same time firm due to way of cooking. Sauces were again scrumptious and with them whole dish was bull’s eye.

Snacks at Boulevard Social

For starter we ordered GRILLED TIGER PRAWNS `CHERMOULA´ grilled tiger prawns and lemon, honey roasted sesame seeds, saffron mayonnaise to be shared.

Four tiger prawns for 28€ is quite much but of course they are also quite expensive comperad to basic prawns. Grilling made shellfish perfect and with sauce worth of 5 points.


For main courses enjoyed WHITE FISH, ROASTED RED PEPPER & SAFFRON fried white fish, roasted red pepper and saffron broth, merquez sausage, mussels, squid, turmeric aioli, chick peas and ROASTED SEA BASS & HERBS roasted sea bass, parsley, coriander, tomato, roasted almond butter, fennel labneh.

The degree of ripeness of both fishes was consumate. Fish skin of whitefish was easy to eat and of course no fish bones disturbed. Only disruptive thing was the salinity. When dish included lot’s of herbs, sauces and many flavors as you can see and read from the name of dishes, you do not actually need salt.

For side dish ordered Patatas Fritas which were great but actually you do not need them unless you are really hungry.

White fish at Boulevard Social

Sea bass at Boulevard Social

Fish at Boulevard Social

What makes Boulevard Social cuisine interesting and inviting are the various sauces, which are served with each dish. Actually sauces formed an important part of dining experience. You really get a chance to taste flavors from all Mediterranean countries.

Sauces at Boulevard Social

Wine list focuses on wines from southern France, Italy and Portugal regarding to restaurant web site. But there are lot’s of wines from other countries and regions.

We had bottle of Rudesheim riesling which has been created by Swedish cellar master Markus Lunden. Wine is produced at Weingut Georg Beuer. This riesling paired well with all dishes we had, enough crispy and dry.

Riesling at Boulevard Social

Usually it is difficult to get table from restaurant unless you make reservation at least week earlier. We made the reservation a day before and dined on early dining time (2,5 hours time to eat). Tables are close to each other but we had table for 4 person and therefore plenty of room.

Restaurant Boulevard Social

Snacks and starter were really enjoyable but contradictory tastes and saltiness in main courses affected food points.

Service was polite and professional. But as dishes came so quickly, had to ask to slow down the pace before sea bass.

Boulevard Social has unique cuisine in Helsinki and especially flavors from North Africa add exotic impression. Dining room is twilight, therefore pictures are a little bit dark, sorry for that.

If you want enjoy well prepaired portions and especially desire exotic not so common tastes in Helsinki, restaurant is for you.

REVIEW: FOOD 4+/5 – SERVICE – 4+/5 – OVERALL GRADE – 4,5/5

Restaurant Boulevard Social




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22 02 2015

Looks like it’s definitely worth a visit!

22 02 2015

Yes, can recommend! Thanks for comment and reading the post!

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