Michelin star restaurants in Helsinki 2015 – 5 restaurants awarded but 4 exists

26 02 2015

Lamb at Demo - reijosfood.com

Michelin Guide announced new list of Michelin starred restaurants in Finland today. Five restaurants got 1 Michelin star, all in Helsinki. Other cities are not yet included in Michelin reviews.

So five restaurant kept their stars, but as Luomo closed it’s doors in the beginning of this year, Helsinki actually has four Michelin star restaurants. Difficult business environment for fine dining restaurants. Postres changed name and concept, which meant that we have now 2 restaurant less carrying Michelin star.


Restaurants with 1 Michelin star in Helsinki are:

Ask, Vironkatu 8, Helsinki – Restaurant Ask.

Chef & Sommelier, Huvilakatu 28, Helsinki – Restaurant Chef & Sommelier, Helsinki / Chef & Sommelier – Organic restaurant in Eira.

Demo, Uudenmaankatu 9-11, Helsinki – Restaurant Demo | ”Share a laugh in the middle of culinary excellence”

Olo, Pohjoisesplanadi 5, Helsinki – OlO Restaurant treats you to a Gastronomic journey of Nordic influence

Demo bar - reijosfood.com

Pictures are from restaurant Demo which has had Michelin star since 2007.



6 responses

12 07 2015
Frederik Stenberg Pedersen

Went to Demo in June 2015 and though the service was fine but the timing and food was mediocre at best of times. Seemed like the kitchen wanted all the guests to catch up on the same dish time-wise so to begin with, the dishes came in a timely manner but at the end we waited up to 30 min between servings.

Some dishes contained over-powering ingredients obsoleting others and when I was asked what I thought of a dish and answered honestly I was given a lecture on why (in a nice way) which was strange but made no sense.

This is anything but a star restaurant and I highly doubt the guide rouge inspectors have been through this establishment for a while. This evening we were blessed with a neigbouring using their phones on speaker sharing the whole table (restaurant) with their loud obnoctious talking (they were Finnish). Poor show, byt not directly the restaurants fault.

Chef & Somellier is a much better choise tbh. Couldn’t get a table so ended up with Demo unfortunately.

Will not return again for sure.

Next stop Noma in CPH

12 07 2015

Thanks for comments! Demo was looking for chef in the spring. Maybe that was the reason for underperforming. Never been to Noma but with more stars it must be worth to visit.

15 07 2015
Frederik Stenberg Pedersen

Tbh, it shouldn’t really matter as we’re talking guide rouge restaurants hete. There was no mention about this on their website, when we made the reservation OR when we were verbally presented with the evenings menu (nor had the price’s been adjusted accordingly). The more I think about it the poorer the experience.

Just went to a 2 star restaurant in Northern Italy (piccolo lago) and this was a totally diffrent ball game and yet cheaper tjan over priced Demo.

There a still 2 1 * restaurants we need to visit but again Demo is not one of them.

28 02 2015
Debra Kolkka

I have been to Ask. It was expensive, but very good.

27 02 2015
annie lee

wow, seems lovely 🙂

27 02 2015

Thanks for visiting post! Demo is excellent restaurant. Next dish under preparation?

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