King prawns with Asian flavour

9 05 2013

For shellfish lovers easy and quick portion to prepare for lunch or dinner. But also really tasty and healthy!

King prawnsKing Prawns


King prawns (enough for each person)

4 garlic cloves

1 chilli

1/2 -1 fresh ginger (depending on size)

Oil to fry

Asian mint

Baby salad or similar

Lime slices

Low fat Yoghurt

Whole-grain rice  for side dish

(Soy sauce)

Cooking instructions:

If king prawns are frozen defrost them in cold water and dry on paper. If you have shells on prawns, take them away.

1) Chop garlic, chilli and ginger in small pieces and cut 2 lime pieces for each person

2) Put the water to boil for rice and rice to pot when water is hot (takes 10 minutes to cook, ready cooking instructions from package)

3) Pour youghurt in small scoop and set salad leaves, lime pieces and scoop on the plate

4) Put oil on frying pan, heat it and add garlic, chilli and ginger in order to glaze them

5) Add king prawns and fry 1-2 min from both sides (depends on the size of prawns)

6) Take rice out of water and set it on the plate and add some soy sauce (if you like it)

7) Set king prawns on salad leaves which are already on the plate

8) Garnish with Asian mint

9) Enjoy with good white wine!

Ingredientsking prawns

Perfect wine due to Asian spices is KungFu Girl Riesling which was reviewed 12.1.2013.

Bon Appetit! Hyvää Ruokahalua!


12 01 2013

KUNGFU GIRL – what a name for a riesling wine!

First time tasted this wine in the summer 2012 during vacation and was not impressed. Propably bottle had been open too long because acidity was lost and it had not been stored in enough cold place. Also as a fan of really dry rieslings Kungfu Girl tasted too sweet (see sugar amount below).

Second time with asian food changed opinion. Enough well chilled and wine tasted already as a aperitif promising.

Wine comes from Charles Smith Wines, Columbia Valley. New wine producer made his succes really quickly winning prizes.

When local wine magazine Viinilehti, nominated Kungfu Girl as one of the three best white wines 2012 and finally selected it as a winner, wine ran out of Alko’s; very typical if wine gets some publicity in Finland.

Kung Fu GirlKung Fu Girl RieslingDSC03311DSC03314

Light yellow with some light green, close to colour of straw

Fruits, a hint of petrol but much more less that most rieslings

Some minerals and quite sweet fruits compared to drier rieslings, easy aftertaste

Facts and figures:

Alcohol: 11% by volume
Extract: 39 g/l
Sugar: 18 g/l
Acidity: 7,8 g/l
Energy: 80 kcal/100 ml (320 kJ/100 ml)
Closure: metal screw cap


Wine was promoted heavily at Food, Wine and Good Living event in October 2012. Do not try with white meat fishes or shell fish. Asian spicy food is perfect match!


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