Restaurant review: Yume – New Year’s Eve dinner

9 01 2016

Restaurant Yume -

Restaurant Yume is part of Kämp Group, which also operates legendary luxury hotel Kämp. Yume serves asian flavours and dishes in a modern decor and is located in the same building as hotel Kämp. Inspired by the Jack Yoss Experience pop up restaurant which was at Yume in July 2012, restaurant’s menu changed and offers today a wide variety of modern asian food.

Note that restaurant is closed in January 2016 due to renovation.

New Year’s Eve did not differ so much from regular evening except when it comes to menu, that was planned for special day. Food is always well prepared and delicious at Yume, but special menu was not that special because menus have always been enjoyable. Maybe surprise small bite between dishes would have been spectacular.

Started with aperitives, but got first two dishes 2 minutes after drinks. Those two dishes, Spiced salmon in soy sauce and Sushi pieces were first part of the dinner being both starters. But it was quite odd that restaurant served these portions while taking first sips. OK, waitress noticed that eating did not start before had enjoyed the drinks and after that it was more comfortable to eat next dishes without rush.

Yume starters -

3rd dish was the best of all portions. Pork ribs were so delicious that could have eaten them for rest of the menu. Extremely well spiced these juicy ribs were so far the best have ever tasted.

Yume beef -

And 4th dish was Beef meat served with rice. A little bit too greasy, but with chili slices and “soup” again show case of Yume kitchen professionalism.

Yume beef -


Yume can Asian-Scandinavian type desserts! Not too complicated for local taste. Means that sometimes different type of vegetables and herbs used in desserts make them almost snack or main course, not dessert. Dessert was Pudding with sorbet.

Yume dessert -

Interesting detail is the location of extra cutlery. They are hidden in a small box under the table, but only on one side.

Cutlery at Yume -

For wine chose The Velvet Devil from Charles Smith Wines, USA. 100% Merlot pairs well with spicy, almost even hot dishes.

The Velvet Devil at Yume -

Yume is one of the best “gourmet” asian cusine restaurants in Helsinki. As it is in the center of the city, next door to Hotel Kämp, it’s location is also perfect. Modern rhythm music is not too loud and most of the tables are not thick on the ground, which makes discussion possible. Service was professional as expected and would have given 4,5, if starters would have not appear so quickly.




12 01 2013

KUNGFU GIRL – what a name for a riesling wine!

First time tasted this wine in the summer 2012 during vacation and was not impressed. Propably bottle had been open too long because acidity was lost and it had not been stored in enough cold place. Also as a fan of really dry rieslings Kungfu Girl tasted too sweet (see sugar amount below).

Second time with asian food changed opinion. Enough well chilled and wine tasted already as a aperitif promising.

Wine comes from Charles Smith Wines, Columbia Valley. New wine producer made his succes really quickly winning prizes.

When local wine magazine Viinilehti, nominated Kungfu Girl as one of the three best white wines 2012 and finally selected it as a winner, wine ran out of Alko’s; very typical if wine gets some publicity in Finland.

Kung Fu GirlKung Fu Girl RieslingDSC03311DSC03314

Light yellow with some light green, close to colour of straw

Fruits, a hint of petrol but much more less that most rieslings

Some minerals and quite sweet fruits compared to drier rieslings, easy aftertaste

Facts and figures:

Alcohol: 11% by volume
Extract: 39 g/l
Sugar: 18 g/l
Acidity: 7,8 g/l
Energy: 80 kcal/100 ml (320 kJ/100 ml)
Closure: metal screw cap


Wine was promoted heavily at Food, Wine and Good Living event in October 2012. Do not try with white meat fishes or shell fish. Asian spicy food is perfect match!


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