Helsinki, most honest city in the world

26 09 2013

Farang - photo by reijosfood.comRestaurant Muru -

Welcome to Helsinki, Finland!

Regarding to CNN, Helsinki is the most honest capital city in the world. Reader’s Digest (Valitut Palat) dropped wallets in 16 cities and in Helsinki, Finland, 11 out 12 wallets were returned.

Read the whole story behind link below:

So, it is also safe to dine at excellent restaurants we have in our city.

Lasipalatsi - reijosfood.comStefans steakhouse - reijosfood.comSPIS - reijosfood.comHavis - reijosfood.comSalutorget - reijosfood.comDemo - reijosfood.comFishmarket -



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15 10 2013

I finally traveled to Finland this past summer, but unfortunately my days in Helsinki were very occupied with other events – and I didn’t have much time to visit some of the great restaurants that I’ve heard so many good things about. 😦 Still – it’s a beautiful city, and everywhere in Finland I was astonished to feel so SAFE everywhere I went. I hope to get back soon!

16 10 2013

Good tho hear you liked Helsinki. Hopefully you have chance to come back and visit one or two of the restaurants

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